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PKMN Armonia 3rd Character: Wyatt Augustin III by Dapuffster PKMN Armonia 3rd Character: Wyatt Augustin III by Dapuffster
Incoming 3rd Character. Tallest RP character I have and the 1st Shiny character I've ever had. (I actually did find a shiny Fennekin recently)

New App art!

:new: New app art again

Bullet; Green Name: Wyatt Augustin III

Bullet; Green Age: 18

Bullet; Green Gender: Male

Bullet; Green Pokemon: Delphox  :icondelphox-plz:

Bullet; Green Birthday: October 17th

Bullet; Green Nature : Careful 

Bullet; Green Height : 6'5

Bullet; Green Weight : 135 lbs

Bullet; Green Ability: Blaze

Bullet; Green Hometown: Kalos Reigion: Anistar City

Bullet; Green History: Far away from the family's home in Anistar City in the Kalos reigion, a conference took place inside the 58th floor of a towering building in Castelia City, for the company that was known as the Augustin Enterprises. The Augustin Enterprises was a multipurpose company that had started out small, but ended up becoming huge and began to buy out other companies, which in today's case was exactly what they were doing. A tall Delphox in a suit talked to the other members in the room discussing his proposition. Needless to say, there was a lot of business talk going on, but in that same room was a Pokemon that was much smaller than everybody else, it was a little boy, a Fennekin. The upcoming Heir to Augustin Enterprises, Wyatt Augustin III.
    Just like his father, Wyatt Augustin III was born to become a heir as CEO of his Grandfather's company that was created back many years ago. Tradition in the Augustin family had it that the first born male Fennekin would be named "Wyatt Augustin" and that they would take over the company after their father had retired. Unlike his grandfather who was laid back and more of an inventive person, his father "Wyatt Augustin II" was a more uptight and serious Delphox as during the time that he had taken control of Augustin enterprises, the company had became a monopoly of sorts. To assure that his son would continue the tradition of the Augustin family, he raised the boy to become interested in nothing but the company and business. Instead of being placed in school like other regular children, Wyatt III was given homeschooling by teachers that his parents had paid for. They quickly taught the boy the necessities and his father started to bring him on many "bring your child to work" days. Wyatt III quickly became accustomed to these work days and was completely unaware that most children were not doing things like this, in fact, he had not met any other children at this point. Wyatt had been given toys to play with at home, but most were only there to help him learn. This continued on for the next decade and a half.

    Because of these frequent meetings and next to no social interaction with kids his age, Wyatt III started to acquire quirky, nasty habits. Viewing the world through the power of Augustin Enterprises caused him to constantly look down at everybody else. Since he almost never played with toys at a young age, he didn't understand what the word fun meant either. The boy had been simply brainwashed into thinking nothing more than Business, that's all he seemed to care about. His father started to get older and his son was now in his late teens, it was only a matter of time before the boy would take over the company, but that's when it hit him. He... he never let his son have the chance to be a kid, he never had fun once in his life and now he was going to take over a business? The Delphox walked down the hall to see his son scolding a butler who had apparently not cleaned something correctly in the living room. It was rather hard to watch, he shouldn't have been like this. No, this was all a terrible mistake. His father walked back to his room and shut the door. He felt so embarrassed and upset, he couldn't help but think of how terrible of a father he was, they had all the money in the world and everything that they could ever want, and he was selfish enough to not let his son enjoy any of it. He still wanted his son to take over the company but, time was running out, he felt so guilty for what he had done and still wished that his son could live his life for once, before he'd have to inherit the company. He got up from the bed and immediately went to the phone, cancelling any further appointments his son had with homeschooling.

    A few days later, Wyatt III became rather confused, his professor was not showing up today to continue his lecture on Calculus II. He rudely asked his father where they were, why were they late?!? Is father frowned at him and replied. "Im sorry... they won't be showing up anymore, you're going to go to school, a real school instead." Wyatt III looked back at his father with a bit of anger in his face. "School? You're sending me to school with those poor people? Father why are you suggestion such a foolish thing?" His father shouted back at him "YOU'RE GOING! I AM YOUR FATHER AND YOU LISTEN TO ME." He quickly calmed down and almost shed a tear. "I-Im sorry... but, I'm not going to let you inherit the company unless you go to school and graduate." Wyatt III still gave a rebellious mark, but he was silent for a moment. "Whatever... I'll go." And the boy walked upstairs back to his room, shutting the door.

His father took a deep breath, he really screwed up, but perhaps it wasn't too late. Maybe sending him to school would help him change his ways, to become a nicer person and to enjoy life for once. To make it easier on the boy he had sent him to a private school that hosted a dorm room that would still suit his rich tastes. He helped his son pack up and leave for the Private school that was known as Armonia Institute. Before boarding the plane, Wyatt III looked back at his parents, he didn't bother to give them a smile or a wave goodbye, and he turned back to go into the plane. Hopefully the next time they would meet, Wyatt Augustin III will have became a better person, one that knows how to live life better.

Bullet; Green Personality: Wyatt is a bit of a snob as he tends to look down on others often and views many activities as something only a poor man would do. He can be a bit blunt with this as he is currently lacking in social behavior and does not often think about how others feel. He enjoys being in upperclass environments and around others that show some sort of class. He is also a bit of a neat freak and can easily get flustered over something that is unorganized. He is also unsure of how to act in odd, wacky, or awkward situations and can get embarrassed rather easily(AKA he's a pretty big tease). He is also a bit naive in that sense as well.

:new: Update: Wyatt over his time at Armonia has gained some friends and he has soften up quite a bit. No longer holding a snobby appearance towards others and is more considerate towards other's feelings. He still holds some quirky habits and is hesitant to hang around trouble makers and rule breakers. He can get rather defensive and offended fast by small things or misunderstandings. Starting to realize why he was sent to this school, the boy has also started to feel lonely and confused, understanding why others have opted to stay away from him at the school.

Summary characteristic: Somewhat Vain

- Organizing
- Playing the Piano
- Conducting
- Collecting
- Golf
- Chess

- Psychic
- Mystical Fire
- Calm Mind
- Will-O-Wisp

Level: 37

- He is a Shiny Pokemon
- Growing up in a wealthy family, he was homeschooled by teachers.
- He has had little to no interactions with other kids his age until Arriving at Armonia.
- At home he owns a couple shiny Kelfki (one of which is being shipped out to Armonia soon)
- He has a younger brother named Jasper
- He is the third Wyatt Augustin in the family, thus why he is called Wyatt Augustin III.
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